Monday, September 21, 2015

Hotmail Changed to

All New experience with Outlook, finally in the last week of Feb 2013 has been changed to That mean all the Hotmail Accounts has been converted into Outlook Account. The upgrade does not affect the data in the email rather provide you lot of new features that you can use in an email account. From now on the meaning of email account has been changed, its not only for sending or receiving emails but is is also for saving the pictures documents and many more things online on OneDrive which is directly linked to your Outlook Email Account, and the online word, online excel, online power point, online note, and contacts make the whole experience very great and the life very easy. OneDrive will let you send the attachments in the emails very easily and that too more than 20MB. Overall it was one of the est thing that happened to Hotmail in the last decade.


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